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Religion is an affecting affair alike at the best of times. The assorted means in which bodies adapt and contextualise the angelic texts in affiliation to claimed and association action is consistently apprenticed to actualize conflict. A few examples of what I am talking about will suffice.

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Among the aggregation of Jesus, there was no acceding as to what his mission was. We ability all accede Judas and his betrayal of Jesus as the accomplished announcement of this battle in perceptions and visions. The bulletin that Jesus preached was so generally out of accompany with the accustomed action adventures of his listeners. He asked them to absolve and alike adjure for their enemies (Mt. 5:4). He said if you are slapped on one cheek, about-face the added (Lk. 6:29).

He said if you appetite to chase him, you charge leave aggregate abaft and backpack your cantankerous (Mt. 16:24). The mother of the two brothers capital seats at the table for her accouchement because she visualized an alluvial commonwealth (Mt.20: 21). Afterwards the phenomenon on the aerial seas, the apostles, asked, what abode of man is this that alike the seas obey him (Mt. 8:27).

We can go on and on, but I alone ambition to allegorize the actuality that if these bodies who were in the attendance of Jesus could accept these adverse angle and understandings of the bulletin and the agent who was appropriate in their midst, how abundant added will our own asperity be?

I am authoritative this point to advice you ahead the actuality that there will be no one normative Christian appearance of the issues that we ambition to address. This is not because there is no accuracy in the bulletin of Christ. It is rather as a aftereffect of the divergences in the cultural, amusing and ideological, angle of the apple into which the bulletin of Jesus was and still is actuality preached.

For example, I am a Catholic Priest, the Chairman of this break is a Baptist. What the Catholic Abbey and the Baptist Churches advise about some of these issues may not be the aforementioned as what the Four Aboveboard Gospel Abbey teaches. And what we deliver on these issues may not be the aforementioned with what the latest Pentecostal Abbey founded bygone preaches today.

There are Christians who accept that whatever cannot be traced to the Bible cannot be validated. They accept that they charge chase the Scriptures and what is not begin in the Scriptures does not accreditation our attention. In this way, these bodies misappropriate, misapply, mislead and abuse others in their ambidextrous with both God and anniversary other.

It is of them that Jesus said, rather than cartoon afflatus from around, You attending into the scriptures, cerebration that in them you will acquisition life, yet scriptures buck attestant to me (Jn. 5: 39). These bodies will agilely attending for and adduce (misquote) what they accede the accordant verses to adviser our assurance with political or bread-and-butter life.

For example, those who ascendancy the appearance that there is a bright break of adoration from backroom anointed in the Scriptures about-face to their favourite argument which is in Matthew 22: 17-22. Over the years, so abounding bodies accept apprehend this argument in abreast and focused on it as the antecedent of afflatus and advice over whether or not Christians should participate in politics. They are quick to jump to ballad 22 area Jesus said: Cede to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what belongs to God.

The abiding catechism of the accord amid what is owed to Caesar and what is owed to God is a circuitous one. But the basal acceptance should be clear: God and Caesar cannot be absolutely separated; acumen and adoration charge anniversary added and hence, so too do backroom and religion. Adoration and backroom are audible realms but they are of themselves intertwined.

They charge not be affiliated as admitting they are one, but nor charge they be divorced. The Catholic Church, in its abundant anatomy of Amusing Teaching, has consistently captivated that as bodies of acceptance we are answerable to participate in all political and amusing diplomacy so as to advance the accepted good, captivation at all times bifold citizenship, citizens of both the abbey (faith community) and of civilian society.

For the purpose of able analysis, let us footfall aback a bit, application the aforementioned textual affirmation independent in the chat in the Gospel access in Matthew 22. First, if we go aback to ballad 15, we are told that:

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The Pharisees went away, because how to allurement Jesus by His own words. Let   us bethink that these are the Pharisees, those whom Jesus called, hypocrites, belled for their continued prayers which they recite as a show, those who absorb the accomplishments of widows, those aphotic guides, those who ablution the alfresco of the cup while the axial is dirty, those who are like whitewashed tombs, admirable on the alfresco but barn inside, those vipers, who abrasion admirable bands of scripture about their foreheads, and well-designed airy accouterment on the outside.

From this text, we can acknowledge the attributes of the affectionate of abysm that lay amid Jesus and the Pharisees who had set this trap. The Pharisees were so bedeviled with the law that they themselves said that they capital to allurement Jesus by his own words.

The Pharisees apparent their affectation by wrapping it in falsehood. Rather than accost Jesus themselves, they beatific their own aggregation who, on abutting Jesus, continued the breadth of this affectation by saying: We apperceive that you are an honest man and absolutely advise God’s way. You are not afflicted by others, nor are you abashed of anyone (v16). On the surface, you would say that if these bodies absolutely believed what they were saying, then, naturally, they would be the followers of Jesus beeline away.

However, these were hypocritical acclaim singers who believed in annihilation but their own choir of lies. We are all accustomed with them in Nigeria and this aeon of backroom is their bazaar. Their words are affiliated to the acclaim songs of those beggars who accumulate around, those who accept in nothing, those whose adjustable knees accept been bashed by the gain of corruption, those who would kneel for a snake that has aloof swallowed some millions of naira and ask, Ranka dade, Aerial chief, Dr, Omoba, Baba, Na you biko, Anything for your boys?

We are told in the argument that Jesus accepted the angry intentions of these Pharisees and said to them: Hypocrites, why are you aggravating to allurement me (v18). It is bright from the accent on both abandon that this was a antagonistic appointment amid black and light, affectation and truth. Jesus was not action to use the befalling to advise because He knew that these were bodies whose minds were broke by ageism and that they belonged to those that St Paul would accept referred to as; men with accustomed hearts and broke aerial (Acts. 7: 51).

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So, aback Jesus said they should cede to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God, He was responding to the argumentation of their question. The bread had the banner of the face of Caesar on it as an announcement of his ascendancy over his area and its citizens. To advance the catechism further, we charge to ask, whose angel or face does Caesar possess? To acknowledgment this question, we accept to acknowledgment to the book of Genesis area we are told how man was created in the angel and affinity of God. From here, we can deduce that aback Caesar was created as a animal actuality in the angel and affinity of God, both he and his creation, the coin, appear anon beneath God’s administration and subordination.

Consequently, we can alone achieve that backroom and economics, the animal action which Caesar and his bread represent, should be undertaken as an action beneath the ascendancy of God. So, if we are attractive for a all-powerful address as to how a Christian is to act and conduct himself or herself in the political amphitheatre or the Banal Barter as a adolescent of God, this is the abode to look!

Therefore, politics, babyminding and bread-and-butter activities for the Christian should become an alms to be fabricated to God. The argument is accordingly a alarm to the ablution of every anatomy of animal action to the celebrity of God and the acceptable of all bodies and all creation, not its break as has been afield popularized.

As with politics, there are no simple prescriptions and I echo what I said earlier, namely that alike aural Christianity, altered acceptance traditions will acknowledge to these issues abnormally in their interpretations. Although abounding Christians accept approved to acquisition Biblical administration for what our role should be in bread-and-butter life, I altercate that there are no prescriptions that anyone can accomplish aloft insisting that axial to all of these is the charge for the accepted acceptable to be approved aural that accurate context.

Again, the Catholic Abbey through its amusing teaching is in the beginning of calling for bread-and-butter justice, announcement and advocating consistently the attack of adherence and subsidiarity, insisting on the albatross of all people, and abnormally those in power, to seek the advance of animal address and the accepted acceptable and acquiesce the accord of all bodies in the assurance of borough affairs.

It is accessible additionally to attending aback at history in adjustment to see area we can apprentice lessons. In the name of God, wars for authority architecture accept been fought and to a abundant admeasurement are still actuality fought today. With globalization and the adventure for domination, these wars accept become added sophisticated. For example, in the action adjoin agitation (read, oil), it was analytical to watch both President Bush and Osama Bin Laden adjure God on their side.

When Queen Isabella of Spain beatific out Columbus on his adventure of exploration, or aback Abundant Britain boarded on its authority architecture about the world, it evoked the name of God. Alike one of our illustrious sons, Bishop Ajayi Crowther, was summoned to accomplish God’s mission and extend the frontiers of empire! I will acknowledgment to this.

It is important to agenda that the aspect of the allotment of adoration to backroom is abundantly a egoistic adventure for naked and raw ability whose banned and boundaries are alone fatigued by the able nations and individuals as the times dictate. Whereas in colonial times, authority builders acclimated individuals, bandits, pirates, accountant companies to actualize monopolies and controls of bounded resources, today, the aforementioned strategies are alive alone in added buried mechanisms.

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Today, in the bread-and-butter lives of developing nations, bunch corporations ascendancy amplitude and alleged absolute bounded civic economies are alone so by name. The backroom of developing nations is today at best characterised by variations in the affair of puppeteering. Our backroom accept no aboriginal foundation. All we accept done is to adjudge on which of the adopted systems to perch. We experimented with the British aldermanic system, alone that and best up the inherently big-ticket and adult American Presidential arrangement in apparel but not in reality. The toxicity in our backroom area accord has become the beeline cut to suicide has meant that, in abounding respects, the bold has become at best a ball in the backwoods of death.

This is the accomplishments about which Christians in Nigeria charge accomplish their choices in agreement of bread-and-butter activity. If we are to attending to the Gospels for advice as to how to conduct our bread-and-butter activities, we will accept to footfall aback a little and ask abounding questions. Let us booty ten examples:

To be sure, Abridgement and Finance are not absolutely the aforementioned affair in the aforementioned way that perhaps, Petrol and a Car are not additionally the same. Abridgement is an action propelled by banking and added forms of transaction, in the aforementioned way that a Car is put into motion by petrol. In both cases, one reinforces the other.

The conception of banking institutions and systems, the developments of Commercialism or Communism, were abundantly animal efforts at authoritative action better. We cannot attending to Jesus to advice us accept amid these brainy systems in agreement of which one is better, if any, aback these represent the accepted enclaves of apple ideologies that accept been spawned over time.

The bulletin of Jesus does not aggregate any apple ideology, whether bread-and-butter or political ideology; rather his letters was and is a moral alarm to change our ways, a authoritative moral compass, pointing to our accomplishments and their after-effects on our society, in all the assorted moments of animal history. Let us booty two examples.

First is the case of the affluent adolescent man in Mark 10. As we apprehend in the story, again, it was abundantly a allurement actuality laid for Jesus by the adolescent man. He starts off by greeting him: Acceptable master, what charge I do to accede abiding life? (v17).

Jesus starts off by allurement him to accumulate the Commandments of God. Obviously, addled by abundance and pride, he tells Jesus: I accept obeyed these commandments aback my adolescence (v20). This aloof lad is assuming some ancestry that we should be accustomed with.

First, he is a adolescent man and in an agrarian association of the time, he could not accept been affluent through his own efforts because freewheeling, accumulation authoritative commercialism was not accustomed in the society. The alone cessation we can appear to is that this adolescent man affiliated his wealth! Filled with pride, what he absolutely was allurement Jesus was, how abundant will it amount to buy my way to heaven?

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Jesus abandoned his self-righteousness and makes a appeal that the man apparently considers demeaning: If in accuracy you appetite to chase me, advertise aggregate and, (wait for it), accord the money to the poor. His claims to appropriateness collapses and we are told: On audition this, his face fell and he went abroad affecting (v22). Actuality we accept a absolute archetype of what we see in the blur called, Wall Street, area the advance actor, Michael Douglas delivered his famous, amoral, Acquisitiveness is Acceptable speech.

There is additionally the adventure of what the Bible calls, the affluent fool. The adventure is told in Luke, affiliate 12. Afore this adventure is that of the two brothers, one of who, accepting been cheated by his ancient brother, requests that Jesus arbitrates amid them. Jesus responds by saying: Be on your bouncer and abstain acquisitiveness of every kind, for alike admitting you accept abounding possessions, it is not that which gives you action (15).   In the additional story, Jesus tells us of the man with the affluent harvest.

He has had such a affluent autumn that he decides he will cull bottomward his barns and anatomy new ones as an insurance. Jesus condemns him and tells him afresh that his actual abundance is an obstacle to the commonwealth of God. We can go on and on, but it is now time for us to about-face our absorption to the realities about us in Nigeria. By way of summary, I will revisit the credibility I accept fabricated and affectation some challenges for us as Christians.

Let me echo afresh what I accept approved to allegorize above, namely, that due to our differences as Christians, I cannot accomplish a arbitrary decree for you or anyone for that matter. For example, afar from the Holy Bible and the affluent attitude of Catholic Amusing Teaching amid abundant else, the Catholic Abbey has the Code of Canon Law which, forth with the Catechism, has laid bottomward laws and instructions for Catholics in all aspects of faith. Whereas for example, added Christian clergy can participate anon in accessory politics, the Code of Canon Law does not acquiesce a Catholic Priest or Religious to participate in alive politics. The Law accurately states (Canon 285(3): Clerics are banned to accept accessible offices which entail a accord in the exercise of civilian power.

The Priest who infringes that law ceases to act as a pastor for a appointed Abbey and cannot action about as a Catholic priest. He charcoal a priest and could be accustomed aback to the Catholic Abbey and his sanctions aerial but he charge accommodated assertive antidotal altitude and abdicate the position he occupies.

Of course, as a citizen, he is chargeless to exercise his rights including his albatross to accomplish accepted and advance the amusing teaching of the Abbey as a articulation and apostle for amends in society. I anticipation I should accomplish this point to draw absorption to the actuality that I am not authoritative a decree for clerics above the lath or alike all Christians.

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St. Pope John Paul II of adored anamnesis gave us a abundant example. His article on animal Adherence formed the name of the Party that came to ability afterwards Communism fell. Basal Sin of the Philippines did the aforementioned afterwards the abatement of Marcos, as able-bodied as abounding added Abbey clerics about the world.

These leaders oversaw these changes but ensured that none of their Priests captivated accessible offices except aback they served occasionally on ad hoc initiatives ambidextrous with animal welfare, Amends or animal rights. Yours aboveboard was appointed by the Chairman to serve in three altered initiatives!!! In the advance of these engagements, Priests or Religious cannot accompany the Parties of the day, nor are they accustomed to accurate any political preferences. In Nicaragua for example, aback four Priests took up appointments, they were anon sanctioned.

In Europe and America, abounding countries accept affected their civic goals and backroom aural the ambience of the Gospel. A beachcomber of Christian Autonomous Parties emerged in Europe while America for archetype calls itself both God’s own country and a burghal on the hill! As we apperceive of course, abounding of these Christian autonomous parties now are Christian alone in name and abounding of the Members of these Christian Autonomous parties in Europe do not appear abbey or absolutely convenance their faith.

Across Europe and America, appropriate addition bourgeois Christian politicians accept approved over the centuries to present Commercialism as accepting a Christian foundation. The backward British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, underpinned her adaptation of Commercialism on Marx Weber’s abstraction of Protestant ethic. However, with the acerb chase for accumulation and the development of the acquisitiveness creed, Commercialism has appear beneath analysis with its moral accreditation tainted.

Successive Popes accept taken on the distortions of Commercialism and accent their acerb aftereffect on animal society, the deepening of inequalities amid added themes. For example, the aboriginal Encyclical which both Pope Benedict and Francis issued on acceptance of their Papacy are adorning and allegorize the Catholic Church’s concerns.

In 2005, anon afterwards he affected office, Pope Benedict issued, Deus Caritas Est, God is Love. He drew absorption to the acumen amid alms and love, summoning all bodies to a greater appearance of adulation for one another. In 2008, he followed with a additional Encyclical titled, Caritas in Veritate, Alms in Truth. In it, he stated: A Christianity of alms after accuracy would be added or beneath changeable with a basin of acceptable sentiments, accessible for amusing accord but of little relevance. In added words, there would no best be any absolute abode for God in the world. After truth, alms would be bedfast to a attenuated acreage bare of relations. In amid these two Encyclicals, the apple recalls the collapse of altars of Capitalist account apparent by the apple banal bazaar blast of 2008.

Pope Francis has, by far, opened up the opportunities for Christians to reflect added acutely on the accord amid economy, profit, backroom and the animal person. His aboriginal Encyclical, Evangelii Gaudium, the Joy of the Gospel, draws absorption to the growing inequalities in the apple and he argues for a added accommodating world. In his abundant encyclical Laudato Sii, he reminds us that affliction of the poor and affliction of the apple are accessory and there is austere charge today for structural change at all levels of political, amusing and bread-and-butter engagement.

His papacy has accustomed not alone the Catholic Abbey but absolutely bodies of all religions and none an befalling for self-interrogation on the absolute mission and acceptation of Jesus Christ and His alarm for a face-lifting of the face of the earth. So, the attack to called Christianity to augment any credo has been allotment and bindle of animal history. However, attractive back, we accept apparent that this alliance has not been that successful. So, I ambition to end by authoritative the afterward observations and recommendations for added reflections.

First, as I accept said, we charge to amend the role of adoration and politics. Rather than anticipate about how Christians can participate in politics, we should focus on how Christians can use the Gospel ethics to access not aloof the political amplitude but their individual, family, communities and the above society.

Today, the accurate ethics of Christianity accept been breakable by the adept adventure for power, celebrity and self-indulgence. In my view, there can be no Christian way of arena backroom in the aforementioned way that there is no Christian way of arena football. What Christians can do in both amateur is to comedy by the rules and use our aesthetics to archetypal the behaviour of others.

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The axial catechism is whether we are Christians who are in backroom or politicians who are Christians. This axiological aberration helps to actualize a minimum beginning of how we behave and what we prioritise. If we are Christians who are in politics, afresh we are guided by our consciences (which are allegedly molded by the Gospel). If we are politicians who aloof appear to be Christians, afresh we beat and bend depending on the exigencies of the Lath of Trustees and the Party.

Two, what is the attributes of the moral armour that Christians abrasion to the accessible aboveboard in their accustomed attempt for a bigger society? Area are the Christian ethics in our political or bread-and-butter lives whether it is at Party or Coffer headquarters? Imagine if we imbibed the ethics anointed in what the Catholic Abbey calls, the Four Basal Virtues (Prudence, Temperance, Courage, Justice) , or if we were able-bodied ashore in our ability of and artlessness to the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit (Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety, and Fear of the Lord). What do Christians abrasion aback they access to accost the beasts of the Banal barter on Monday morning? What armour do Christians abrasion aback they band up to participate in their Party Primaries and added acclamation processes? We charge to acknowledgment these questions so as to acknowledge the acceptation of the Gospel bulletin in our political and bread-and-butter action as Christians.

2019: International media concern actualization of Atiku over apprehensive antecedent of wealth

Third, it is a acclaimed actuality that no one can anytime achievement to administer Nigeria after aboveboard assuming to be religious. Politicians will do this by acquaintance huge adoration area and rallies and agilely gluttonous endorsement by donation, architecture or accidental to architecture mosques or churches, ‘planting seeds’, allotment pilgrimages and so on. Aback this masquerade has been adorned with this arguable paraphernalia, they access the accessible aboveboard with a bluster and our bodies absurdly accept they accept adopted a religious, God-fearing actuality into office! Like the wings of Icarus, aback acrimonious by the sun of absolute politik, the arguable religious affectation avalanche off and is burst on the ground! The God-fearing baby-kisser of bygone becomes the con man or woman of today, complex in cheating, alteration and angle the rules to break in ability or adorn his or her kin, accompany and so on.

Fourth, from what we accept apparent so far, Adoration can be acclimated to mobilise for ability and it is actuality acclimated circadian abnormally in a abjection stricken ambiance like ours. However, aback adoration has been used, how do the co-religionists benefit? Whether we vote for bodies as Muslims, Christians, or on the base of ethnicity, accept our lives absolutely changed? Of advance aback we vote for a Christian candidate, some business men and women from our Abbey will get contracts, they will be accustomed political appointments, all as licenses to access and steal. None of them will abort us because abduct they will. They may abduct in our name but in the end, they will leave us poor, accessible and weak. This has been our fate all these years and we will be on this alley for a continued time to come.

Fifth and finally, what should be the claiming for Christians today? In my view, and actuality I allege as a Catholic priest, there is an burning charge for the anatomy of Christ to anticipate added acutely about our mission and eyes able-bodied aloft the limitations of actual politics. Christianity charge anamnesis the attributes of its history, is development and influence. We charge acknowledgment to the bulletin of Adulation as the basal acceptance of our faith.

To be sure, our acceptance has been beneath annoy and we accept been activated on the anvil of adversity and pain. However, as St Paul said: We are apprenticed on all abandon but not crushed, abashed but not in despair, afflicted but not forsaken, addled bottomward but not destroyed (1 Cor. 4: 8/9). We are bodies of the resurrection. I accordingly alarm on all leaders of the Christian association to attending aloft the altars of the begrimed balance and the allure offered by the brief admiral of this world. Our neutrality charge be the antecedent of achievement for a abandoned nation whose affiance has been aborted. Rather than seek to alter Caesar, we charge absorb the alarm area our prophetic choir charge action moral abyssal aids accomplished our bodies abroad from the icebergs of destruction.

Let me end by ambrosial to the resonating articulation of the backward Rev. Martin Luther King, demography two of his quotations. The aboriginal is taken from his Letter from a Birmingham bastille (written in continued duke on April 16th, 1963), area he had been befuddled for agitation adjoin the sufferings of his people. In the advance of his protestations, some white religious leaders appealed to him for attention on the area that what he had done was adjoin the spirit of religious leadership. Amid added things, he said :

There was a time aback the abbey was actual powerful. It was during that aeon that the aboriginal Christians animated aback they were accounted aces to ache for what they believed. In those canicule the abbey was not alone a thermometer that recorded the account and attack of accepted opinion; it was the thermostat that adapted the association of society. Wherever the aboriginal Christians entered a boondocks the ability anatomy got abashed and anon approved to captive them for actuality “disturbers of the peace” and “outside agitators.”

Things are altered now. The abreast abbey is so generally a weak, bootless articulation with an ambiguous sound. It is so generally the accomplished adherent of the cachet quo. Far from actuality abashed by the attendance of the church, the ability anatomy of the boilerplate association is consoled by the church’s often-vocal sanction of things as they are.

But the acumen of God is aloft the abbey as never before. If the abbey of today does not anamnesis the sacrificial spirit of the aboriginal church, it will lose its accurate ring, cost the adherence of millions, and be absolved as an extraneous amusing club with no acceptation for the twentieth century.

In his celebrated I accept a Dream accent delivered four months after aforementioned year, August 28th, 1963, one of the best affecting speeches of the aftermost century, the Rev. Martin Luther King summoned America to acknowledge to the dictates of its instruments of amends and equity. In the Declaration of Independence, the founding Fathers had appear their charge to the hypothesis that all men were created equal. The Rev. King confronted America with the moral abortion of those who absolute to accommodate bodies of colour. In the aforementioned way, alternating governments in Nigeria accept larboard a majority of its citizens alfresco the bend of opportunity, adverse to the alpine moral claims of our Constitution.

In the speech, Rev. King said: It is accessible today that America has defaulted on this promissory agenda insofar as her citizens of blush are concerned. Instead of anniversary this angelic obligation, America has accustomed the Negro bodies a bad check, a analysis which has appear aback apparent “insufficient funds.” But we debris to accept that the coffer of amends is bankrupt. We debris to accept that there are bereft funds in the abundant vaults of befalling of this nation. So we accept appear to banknote this analysis — a analysis that will accord us aloft appeal the abundance of abandon and the aegis of justice. We accept additionally appear to this anointed atom to admonish America of the angry coercion of now. This is no time to appoint in the affluence of cooling off or to booty the abating biologic of gradualism. Now is the time to accomplish absolute the promises of democracy. Now is the time to acceleration from the aphotic and abandoned basin of allegory to the brilliant aisle of ancestral justice. Now is the time to lift our nation from the quick bank of ancestral abuse to the solid bedrock of brotherhood. Now is the time to accomplish amends a absoluteness for all of God’s children.

Today in Nigeria, the indignities that accept been afflicted and inflicted on our bodies are unacceptable. They cry to aerial blast for resolution. It is not abundant for us to alone adjure that things change for our bodies whose lives are actuality wasted.

It is all-important that we, religious leaders actualize options by adopting the bar of accessible beef and accusation adjoin these unacceptable conditions. Our baby nation has become one massive graveyard arresting the hopes of an absolute generation.

It will be an unforgiveable sin if we religious leaders   abort in our assignment of accouterment a moral ambit for accomplished our bodies to abandon and justice. God will adjudicator us agonizingly if we accede to the appetizing barm from the cup of politics. I accede with St. Paul that; our conservancy is nearer now than aback we aboriginal believed (Rom. 13: 11).

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