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I’m ailing of audition from accompany that their online advance costs added money to run than the acquirement it’s generating. Or that they accept to shut their advance bottomward because the advancing fees are abundant college than the bulk they answerable associates in the aboriginal place. Or that they appetite to actualize an online course, but accept no abstraction breadth to start, so they breach ashore in the “oh shit, I’m absolutely overwhelmed” stage.

insurance wordpress theme download
 Insurance - WordPress Theme for Insurance Agency by Martanian ...
Insurance – WordPress Theme for Insurance Agency by Martanian … | insurance wordpress theme download

There are so abounding options for associates sites and online advance software that assume great, and their appraisement models assume decent, but aback you run the numbers, it does not assignment out in your favour.

I don’t accept a abracadabra ammo for architecture online courses, but because I’m a bargain bastard, I’ve ample out a way to run a advance that makes faculty financially, behindhand of whether 20 bodies buy or 2,000.

To some, accepting an associate affairs is necessary. I’ve never agitated with those, artlessly because if someone’s activity to advance my work—they do it because they appetite to, not because they’re accepting paid to. That’s how I advance from others. I don’t accept a botheration with associate programs and apperceive lots of bodies that accomplish a huge block of assets from them, it’s aloof a claimed best on my end not to use them for the accessories I sell.

Below is how I run my own course, The Creative Class, which launched on October 15, 2014. There are at atomic eight billion agency to actualize an online course, and lots of abundant options out there, this is aloof how abundance works.

My advance runs on four capital pieces of software that all tie calm automatically.


Because I body WordPress sites for a living, it was a breeze to use it for the website end of my course. Yes, I created a custom affair for my course, but you can use any WordPress affair (free, paid, custom—it doesn’t matter). Accomplish abiding the theme’s breeze makes faculty for how you appetite bodies to get absorbed in and buy the course.

The breeze additionally has to assignment for affective through the advance from alpha to finish. Memberful alike has a accoutrement so you can add a login/logout button anywhere widgets can go—all afterwards affecting code.

Things to accede aback acrimonious a WordPress affair for your course:

Other than that, the added software will assignment with any theme.


There are currently 334 associates plugins for WordPress (I’m a nerd, so I aloof checked). Some don’t do what they’re declared to, abrogation your advance accessible or aloof not activity properly. Some are so crazily complicated that I can’t bulk them out (and I’ve been alive with WordPress plugins from the beta adaptation stage).

This is a bit of a soapbox, but I use Memberful because it does what it needs to do, and annihilation more. There are no drips and there are no associate options. There’s annihilation but a simple plugin that you about-face on and acquaint it which pages to appearance to paid subscribers and which pages to appearance to the public. That’s it.

Memberful is the abutting piece. It links WordPress, MailChimp, and Stripe. How it works: if addition clicks the buy button, they’re apparent a little modal window from Stripe that collects the money. Already the acquittal has gone through (almost instant), a WordPress annual is created for that actuality and they’re added to a MailChimp commitment list. Afresh they accept an email adage the acquittal was acknowledged and that they can now log in.

So, all you allegation to do to use Memberful is actualize a “plan” on their dashboard, install the plugin, and affix it to your Stripe and MailChimp account. Easy, peasy. From there, you artlessly adapt the pages in WordPress that should alone be accessible to members.

MailChimpThis step, while technically optional, is binding in my books. Memberful doesn’t accept to affix to a commitment list, but I can’t anticipate of a distinct acumen you wouldn’t appetite it to. Actuality are the allowances to abutting it to a commitment list:

For my course, I set up an accessible automation arrangement in MailChimp that does this:

These three emails go out automatically based on the time addition signs up for the course. I additionally accelerate out approved email blasts to associates whenever I do a annual Q&A call, too. And, if you use the aforementioned commitment annual for added things, Memberful automatically adds paid associates to a altered segment, authoritative it accessible to alone accelerate emails to associates (or to accelerate emails to anybody who isn’t a paid member).

The added big acumen I use MailChimp for my advance is because one of my capital business accoutrement for the paid advance is a chargeless email course. Outside of my capital commitment list, the chargeless advance drives added acquirement than any added source. Added on the chargeless advance later—in the “Promotion” section.

FlyWheelThough not software, FlyWheel is what I use for hosting. Alike admitting I apperceive how to set up my own server from blemish and I run several added servers, I aloof capital a hands-off, reliable hosting company. Bodies pay acceptable money for this course, so I appetite it to be consistently fast and consistently online

insurance wordpress theme download
 10  Best Insurance WordPress Themes 2018 - aThemes
10 Best Insurance WordPress Themes 2018 – aThemes | insurance wordpress theme download

The accurate analysis came aback my advance was featured on a high-traffic website and 300 circumstantial bodies loading the armpit at the aforementioned time… and the armpit was still fast as hell and didn’t crash. That’s $15/month actual able-bodied spent.

Memberful takes affliction of the money aback addition buys the course. Memberful has a chargeless plan (that accuse 10 percent 30c per transaction) and a few pro plans. I use the $25/month and afresh 3.9 percent 30c per transaction. Their affairs accommodate the Stripe fee (which is 2.9 percent 30c per transaction). Unlike some associates sites (that allegation per user, per month), my annual fees accomplished user accretion are adequately low aback I alone pay for a user already at purchase.

Here’s how Memberful works for me:

On my end, as the creator, I artlessly get an email adage that there’s been a new affiliate who has active up. I can afresh log in (if I appetite to) to see which advertisement they acclimated (because I use coupons to clue how addition begin out about my course).

Both the sales folio and the backend for associates was 100 percent custom advised by me. I created a custom WordPress affair to bout the architecture I came up with. As I mentioned aloft though, any WordPress affair could work.

The alone affair I didn’t architecture was the icons for anniversary lesson, which were created by the cool accomplished Meg Robichaud.

I kept things simple on purpose—two typefaces (Brandon Grotesque and Freight Text) and two colours (pink and blue). The logo is absolutely aloof the two C’s of Creative Class, with one flipped. I candidly didn’t absorb abundant time on the logo or architecture (compared to my applicant work), because I capital to focus on the advance material. It’s simple abundant to action and beautiful abundant to trust.

I spent a lot of time cerebration through how the advance would function, from new affiliate onboarding, to blockage in with members, to active annual calls. Here’s the basal breeze I set up and what the affiliate sees.

Outside of the lessons, associates can download all abstracts in a distinct book or aloof the accounting acquaint in ebook form. I capital to accord associates as abounding options as accessible for acquirements because I apperceive anybody learns best application altered methods.

I additionally host annual Q&A calls that are well-attended and well-received (which shows to me that they’re admired to my members). I tend to absorb an hour or added answering members’ questions as best I can. It gives me a adventitious to get to apperceive who’s demography the advance and it gives associates a adventitious for a claimed acknowledgment to their questions.

These calls additionally advice acquaint me of what’s missing, what needs to be adapted (if it’s not authoritative sense) and what the associates are focused on. The software I use to host these calls is, which is chargeless and connects to Google Hangouts (also free). I aloof mark anniversary accident as unlisted, so alone associates can watch.

My advance costs $300 but there are discounts codes everywhere to get it for $200 (seriously, here’s one for this article, COURSEARTICLE, for $100 off). Afterwards A/B testing a lot of options for discounting, this is what formed best for the course, for me (as in, it’s important to analysis for yourself what works for appraisement and discounts).

Per month, accomplished antecedent user acquisition, which is $8.10 in fees (3.9 percent 30c from Memberful, including the 2.9 percent 30c for Stripe) off an boilerplate bulk of $200, my costs are as follows:

$120/month or $1440/year total

Comparatively, if I acclimated a hosted associates armpit like Pathwright, I’d be advantageous $2213 /month based on their appraisement archetypal ($299 for 150 members, additional $3/member/month—not including a 4 percent transaction fee per user at purchase). They do a lot for you, but their bulk matches that akin and bulk of service.

Other added cost-effective options for courses accommodate my acquaintance Jason’s Teachery (currently in bankrupt beta) and my acquaintance Justin’s Gumroad to WordPress plugin ProductPress. Rainmaker additionally offers associates and acquittal and costs $95/month (but includes hosting and appealing amazing WP themes, but not Stripe or newsletter costs).

Costs per boilerplate user (at $200) accretion for my course:

If anniversary user pays $200, on average, my costs are $8.10. That agency I accomplish $191.90 per user at the onset, afresh beneath as months canyon and annual fees arbor up for hosting and the newsletter ($120/month to advance the course).

But, if I advertise at atomic two memberships a month, my own costs are covered by bifold and aggregate abroad is acquirement or approaching advance aback into the course. Two memberships awash a ages is achievable and a actual low ambition to accept to hit.

insurance wordpress theme download
 Insurance - Theme for Insurance Agency by designthemes | ThemeForest
Insurance – Theme for Insurance Agency by designthemes | ThemeForest | insurance wordpress theme download

To actualize the advance initially would accept bulk a lot added if I had to pay for custom design, action and development, but as it stands it bulk the afterward to set up:

I spent $7,500 to accomplish my advance as absolute a possible, alike afterwards accepting to pay for architecture or development. I will agenda that I alone spent money on the video, icons, and custom development afterwards sales from the advance itself could awning those items. I’m a big fan of starting baby and bombastic already you get a faculty of the needs of your advantageous members. I alike started with seven acquaint instead of nine, and added two added a few months later, afterwards I calm acknowledgment from the members.

In theory, you could skip advantageous for all those items (i.e. chargeless WordPress theme, no custom assets or editing, almanac your own video, etc.). You do accept to accumulate in apperception that the added able and accurate your advance looks and feels, the added acceptable addition will be to buy it.

To accomplish an online course, the time appropriate is afar into four buckets: authoritative the course, abacus the content, advancement it, and business it.

Making it, for me, took absolutely a while because I not alone wrote and recorded the content, I additionally advised and programmed it. I didn’t carefully clue hours to the minute, but I paid absorption to about how continued anniversary assignment took:

Which brings me to 230 hours to advance the advance and about 18 hours per ages to advance and advance it.

Yeah, yeah, this is what you were best absorbed in, so I should accept put this first…

The advance has grossed $103,253 aback barrage in the abatement (to the date I wrote this—April 10, 2015) with 788 associates total. Agenda that I did not accomplish $100k that I get to keep, the advance aloof brought in that abundant money.

Take into annual that $16,000 goes to a affiliation I fabricated with a accord website, $7,500 goes to my costs to create, $6,400 goes to acquittal processing fees, and $720 goes to advancing fees for six months. That’s about one third appropriate out of the gates, and doesn’t accommodate taxes (which is about 18% actuality in Canada for corporations or about $12,000).

Based on time spent alive on the course, it has fabricated about $240/hr (which is beneath than I allegation for consulting but added than the boilerplate bulk is per hour for projects I assignment on for clients).

If you’ve apprehend annihilation I’ve accounting antecedent to this, you apperceive how abundant of a burst almanac I am aback it comes to talking about how a commitment annual is the best apparatus in your armory aback announcement a agenda product.

True to form, my own annual (The Sunday Dispatches) is the best abode I begin to drive associates sales in agreement of acquirement generated. I wrote one “hard pitch” email about the course, and the blow of the time I wrote either accompanying accessories to the advance agreeable or artlessly mentioned the annual abatement in the footer.

Prior to the course, I mentioned it was actuality congenital for months before. I alike alone some hints, previews and excerpts from it—so aback the adamantine angle email showed up in people’s inbox, they already knew about the course.

The additional bigger disciplinarian of acquirement is a chargeless email advance I developed that relates to the paid advance agreeable alleged The freelancer’s adviser to acceptable jobs & abundant pay. It’s a short, seven-lesson automatic email advance that pitches the paid advance at the end for a big discount.

This chargeless advance was featured on HackerNews (resulting in ~6,000 signups) and ProductHunt (resulting in ~1,400 signups). At aboriginal I was like, “OH HECK YES!” Then, aback those bodies accustomed the angle on the eighth day and sales about trickled in (four bodies purchased), I was absolutely deflated.

I acquainted like the email advance agreeable was awful. But afresh I realized

a) best of those bodies aren’t freelancers

b) they aloof capital to analysis out a “free something”

c) they capital to see how addition abroad was active an email course.

Instead of auctioning the chargeless advance and it’s content, I took the exact agreeable and approved article different. I started announcement the chargeless advance on the paid advance page. So as not to attempt with the paid offering, it alone shows in a modal box aback addition gestures to leave the page.

In tracking signup antecedent vs. about-face to the paid course, this modal converts at 4–5 percent. Meaning, for every 30–40 bodies that assurance up for the chargeless course, 2–3 of them buy the paid advance at the end. This is abundant and aloof goes to appearance that sometimes it’s not the agreeable that’s the problem, sometimes it’s the admirers the agreeable is aimed at.

insurance wordpress theme download
 Peace – Insurance Agency WordPress Theme by OceanThemes | ThemeForest
Peace – Insurance Agency WordPress Theme by OceanThemes | ThemeForest | insurance wordpress theme download

The third best architect of acquirement for the advance is a affiliation with a accord website. Their admirers is huge (almost a actor email subscribers), so it was a breeze to accomplice with them to advertise this course, months afterwards it had launched. They approached me to partner, and they knew about my advance in the aboriginal abode because of the connected beat and networking I do with bodies who accept agnate audiences.

The final massive allotment to my course, and what I aspect a lot of the success the advance has to, is the analysis I did above-mentioned to autograph and above-mentioned to ablution it. It wasn’t abundant to accept an abstraction and get to assignment on it, I relied heavily on talking to the admirers it activated to.

Pre-creation research

Although I accept 17 years actuality a freelancer, I capital to apperceive what fabricated added freelancers tick. What they struggled with, what they admired they could do better, what their absolute career would attending like if they had it. I spent a few weeks talking to freelancers on the buzz and analysis them via email.

I kept my sample accumulation to alone freelancers who had spent money on online courses for claimed development. I asked them as well, what online courses they had taken and what they begin formed the best and the affliction with anniversary one.

This analysis helped acquaint me, not alone in agreement of the capacity I should cover, but additionally in how to anatomy the acquaint and format.

Pre-launch researchI had four circuit of beta testers afore I acquainted the advance was accessible for accessible consumption. And alike then, I launched it to my commitment annual a anniversary afore I launched it about and started beat and bedfellow posting.

The aboriginal accumulation of beta testers (five people) I gave admission to the advance for free. I had them appraise it based on some specific belief I had:

The additional accumulation of beta testers (another bristles people) I gave admission to the advance for $5, so I could analysis the acquittal processing. I asked them the aforementioned questions as above, additional one about how the acquittal action flowed for them.

The third accumulation of beta testers (10 people) I gave admission to the advance for $50. I had fabricated absolutely a few changes to how the advance formed and diction in the onboarding process, so I capital to ask them the aforementioned questions as the aboriginal accumulation to see what changed. Thankfully, all the hangups or amiss things that came up from the aboriginal accumulation were fixed.

The fourth accumulation of beta testers (another 10 people) I gave admission to the advance at $200 (basically, abounding price). What I capital to apperceive from them was the perceived value, because bodies put bulk on things based on how abundant they absorb on it (so the bulk of it at $5 is altered than at $200):

With the final accumulation of testers, I was not alone attractive for their feedback, but I was attractive at how they affected and worded their feedback. I acclimated what they said to ability the sales folio content, application words they used, affecting on the best important things they abstruse from the advance and absolutely what pains they had that the advance alleviated.

I use a agnate address for all my sales pages, because I feel like if I use the accent the advised admirers uses, they’ll chronicle to it more. And, if I blow on what’s important to them (not aloof what I assumption is important to them), it converts abundant better.

The added affair I calm from the aftermost accumulation of testers was testimonials. Any of them that had aglow comments about the course, I asked if I had their permission to allotment those thoughts as testimonials. That way I could barrage the advance with absolute testimonials from absolute students.

None of what I’ve categorical aloft is awfully new advice for anyone who has fabricated or anticipation of authoritative a course. I wrote this to breach bottomward all the baby accomplish you can booty aback architecture one, because I apperceive how cutting it can be at the start. I additionally capital to appearance that it’s accessible to accept a advance that pays well, gives bulk and doesn’t bulk a ton to accomplish and maintain.

Key takeaways:

My final agenda is to breach your advance bottomward into the aboriginal bulk of advice as accessible to start. First, this is acceptable for your admirers because bodies don’t accept abundant time. Second, this is acceptable for you so you can get your advance out the aperture faster. Initially my advance was activity to be 30 lessons… which would accept taken me a year to write.

Instead I pared it bottomward to the nine capacity I acquainted every contributor bare in adjustment to about-face a shitty freelancing career about into article better. I haven’t had a distinct actuality accuse or ask for a acquittance because it’s nine acquaint instead of 10 (or instead of 30). I’ve absolutely alone had to action three refunds in total.

Even aback launch, I’ve abstruse so abundant about course-making. This was the aboriginal advance I congenital for myself, so I started from scratch. I achievement some of the advice aloft helps you abstain the mistakes I made, if you’re cerebration of architecture an online advance as well.

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This column is allotment of our contributor series. The angle bidding are the author’s own and not necessarily aggregate by TNW.

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insurance wordpress theme download
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