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Wikimedia Commons The abruptness is how continued a backfire took to come. Aback I was a adolescent in a heat-hazed suburb to the arctic of Palo Alto, about no one had heard the appellation Silicon Valley. In accustomed with the hamlets broadcast about it like credibility on one of my join-the-dots appearance books – Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Woodside – it was an backward place, with pretty, harbinger hills and appropriate schools; a good, honest incubator for the abecedarian lower boilerplate class; amiable atom for Hispanic incomers to land.

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Now Palo Alto is the aerial epicenter of Silicon Valley, the Detroit of the 21st century. An boilerplate home costs $2m, admitting an eastern abut still mired in poverty, alike as affluent adolescent “tech” workers coast in from adjacent San Francisco aboard white, smoked-glass, Wi-Fi able buses, cloistral by headphones and shades – a ambition for acerbity that could alone be bigger if they wore handlebar mustaches and snatched kids’ iPods on the way past. Is the acerbity fair?

Aback I aftermost came here, the Valley was still addled from the abundant dotcom blast of 2000, with Amazon shares trading at $3 and the apprentice industry on its knees. And although it’s adamantine to accept now, no one was admiration that by 2014 our lives would be actual abundantly shaped here, by an army of software engineers – programmers or “coders” – who are progressively recasting the animal ambiance in their own image, banishment the blow of us to acclimate to this radically reconfigured mural in the alone way possible: by acceptable … added … like … them.

Yet, for all we see and apprehend about the Valley’s gilded apps and networks, glimpses of the bodies abaft them are rare. Who are they and what does the association they accept fabricated for themselves (the arrangement for our own) attending like by ablaze of day? A contempo anti-tech beef in San Francisco became the aboriginal to draw absorption from the FBI. What don’t San Franciscans like about the tech titans to the south who accept fabricated their burghal rich?

Gliding into Santa Clara, home to Intel amid others, the aftermost catechism is not so adamantine to answer. Silicon Valley runs from San Francisco in the arctic to San José in the south and is actuality acknowledgment to an cool accord of Stanford University computer antecedents and hippies who saw that while acerbic hadn’t fabricated the apple added chargeless and open, computers above might.

Sixties and seventies originals such as Douglas Engelbart (inventor of the abrasion and a conceiver of the web) and Stewart Brand (founder of the aboriginal online association The Well) hoped for acumen and broad-mindedness through the advance of information, as a barrier adjoin The Bomb or Apple War Three. Counter-cultural abode still suffuses the Valley tech industry.

Allocution of “disruption” and “changing the world” assails you like tinnitus the moment you arrive, and if “making a difference” generally devolves into piddly goals such as “improving the end-user experience”, it still contains an abstracted sheen.

What to accomplish of some tech insiders’ contempo pronouncements, then? The aboriginal Frisco protests followed a accent by biotech administrator Balaji Srinivasan aftermost October, in which he assured that the blow of America was captivation Silicon Valley aback and it was time to accede secession. Lest this be taken for a joke, a venture-capitalist broker alleged Tim Draper appropriately filed a abode to breach California into six, with an absolute Silicon Valley – putatively the richest accompaniment in America – abutting Central California, which would be poorer alike than Mississippi.

And it got better. In the absence of independence, addition adventure capitalist, Tom Perkins, appropriate that, at the actual least, affluent techies should be accustomed added votes and went on to analyze criticism of his industry to the Nazi animality of Jews.

With spectrum-friendly timing, the billionaire CEO of amusing arrangement Yammer, David Sacks, afresh spent $1.4m throwing himself a Marie Antoinette-themed 40th altogether affair beneath the banderole “Let Him Eat Cake”, alike as Valley fable and Facebook billionaire Sean Parker (played by Justin Timberlake in the cine The Amusing Network) spent a appear $10m on a bells in which guests were dressed by the apparel artist from Lord of the Rings (at atomic it wasn’t Star Wars), and a adolescent startup architect alleged Peter Shih bound a blog column advantaged “Ten Things I Abhorrence About You: San Francisco Edition”, in which abhorrence cardinal six was accustomed as “homeless people”. Is there an app for hubris?

British actor John Oliver, in hosting a tech awards commemoration alleged the Crunchies, acclaim broiled his guests with the quip: “I heard that the new architectonics for the buses had brave windows, but with the cast on the inside: ‘Look, I don’t apperception if the peasants see me, but I’d rather not see them’.” Laughter in the anteroom was muted.

Facebook Like bankers in the UK, techies assume abashed at what is accident to them. So in abounding means am I. For all the acquisition cultural divide, active through Silicon Valley is still an alarming experience. About every about-face stands the bright HQ of addition domiciliary name, or two, or three – and not above the big ones you expect, but the accustomed others you hardly anticipate about. Look! There’s Adobe, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Pixar, SanDisk, Symantec …now to Oracle, Netflix, Asus, Atari, Groupon, LinkedIn, Logitech, Cyberbanking Arts, Mozilla, PayPal, Twitter, YouTube, McAfee, Yelp, Atari, Nvidia, Yahoo!, Tesla, Sun Microsystems … not hundreds, but thousands, tens of thousands, everywhere you look.

Alike those giants with abode abroad – Microsoft, Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, Amazon, Nasa – accept analysis centers here, such is a absorption of tech talent. The awareness is of accepting stepped like Alice through your computer awning and alike the disposable-looking architectonics whispers of the Valley’s exotic, hyper-Darwinian assumption of “creative destruction”. The byword you apprehend everywhere is “innovate or die”, which is not advised to relax you.

My aboriginal accumulation appointment with the present workforce comes on a Saturday night in Mountain View, home to Google and Microsoft amid others, and it couldn’t be added startling. Aftermost time I was here, I phoned an editor at the San José Chronicle to ask area the beatnik bodies abashed out. “You won’t accept this,” he chuckled, “but if you go to the bistro at Fry’s Electronics superstore, that’s area you’ll acquisition them.”

I did, but every time I approved to allege to one, they stared at their sneakers and scuttled abroad like crabs clutching ambit boards. They were of a academic piece, though, which is why aboriginal afterimage of Mountain View’s bright-lit capital annoyance is such a surprise, because the arena doesn’t attending American. It’s active mostly by knots of generically-dressed adolescent men, the all-inclusive majority from the Indian subcontinent or Asia, attractive lost, as admitting not abiding what to do abroad from their screens.

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Later I’ll analysis the demography abstracts to acquisition that added than three-quarters of tech workers are now built-in alfresco the US, with China, India, Korea and Japan bartering most, generally via Ivy League universities, with a baby addition from eastern Europe. Accustomed that women are outnumbered 25 to one, the avant-garde Valley is at already abominable all-embracing and culturally monocular, abacus to the air of transience. Minority changeable tech workers accuse of a frat-housey “brogrammer” atmosphere aural the industry. I’m addled by what I see.

Inside Molly Magees, an bogus Irish pub, which turns out to be one of alone three places you can ball in Silicon Valley, the music is overwhelmingly from the decade in which best of its audience was born, the 1980s (and I abruptly realise that this is what best the bounded radio stations are playing, too). Best of the women acid a rug calm are from bounded colleges and universities, but the genders accomplish for the best allotment at a tangent.

Asked what dating is like in this credible 25:1 paradise, women tend to cycle their eyes or beam ruefully. “The allowance are good, but the appurtenances are odd,” one tells me. “Most are above captivated in money or programming,” says another, alveolate screeds of afflicted posts on tech forums. I anon see what they mean. Conversations with the men are mostly fluid, but tend to resemble those you accept at technology “meetups”, area the bond catechism is “Can we do business together?” Aback I acknowledgment this abrupt gregariousness, an important accuracy is explained: that the bodies in Molly’s are not “tech people”, that there is a bright bisect amid tech people, acceptation coders, and “non-tech” people, which is to say entrepreneurs, financiers, abstraction and business people. Acceptable coders are in abbreviate accumulation and tend to attention themselves as an elite, with the best actuality paid six-figure bonuses above to breach at places such as Google and Facebook.

Jens Schlueter/Getty Images Coders, I bound learn, are about universally admired as weird. A Valley administrator I acquaintance in an ability to acquisition some to allege to (he asks not to be named) warns that “a baby allotment of the acceptable ones are not so autistic/introverted that they ability be accommodating to talk”, and, as if to script, two of the three candidates he suggests as actuality in this chic afterwards refuse, one sniffing airily, “No, I don’t actually appetite interviews with journalists.”

I do accommodated one coder at Molly’s, a 26-year-old barbate American alleged David, who looks added hipster Shoreditch than Banana Republic Valley, who has travelled through Europe and chats calmly about Breaking Bad and Mad Men and whose favourite bands are the Pixies and Sigur Rós rather than Metallica – not the boilerplate at all. So the boilerplate is flawed, I rejoice! But no, he groans.

“In truth, I feel affectionate of isolated, ‘cos I’m intellectually analytical and outgoing. As a distinct guy who brand women, it’s hard. I mean, I above assignment with banal guys and there are hardly any women – it’s horrible, man.” Why does he stay? “The money’s actually good,” he says with a shrug. “It’s adamantine to airing away.” I ask what he earns, and he smiles. He doesn’t appetite his name used.

Later I accommodated a woman in her mid-twenties alleged Sunny Allen whose ex-fiance was a coder. Her eyes widen as she tells me: “They’re the absolute hardcore. He would assignment for 36 beeline hours, beddy-bye for four, afresh get up and assignment addition 36. Eighty-hour weeks are the barometer for those guys and weekends don’t exist. They assignment harder than any accumulation of bodies I’ve anytime appear across.”

It’s as if these bodies are not so abundant a altered breed, as a new species. An ad in the aback of the capital San José listings annual reads: “Computer Systems Analyst, Sunnyvale, CA. Bachelor and bristles years acquaintance required.” What is this place?

I drive home to Santa Clara cerebration about the association actuality fabricated here. The boilerplate age of advisers at Facebook is said to be 26, which is actually the aforementioned as at Nasa during the moon landings of the 1960s and aboriginal 70s. A Brit I accommodated alleged Mark Whelan (one of actual few Brits out here) says he loves actuality in the Valley, area accounts is accessible for chancy acceptable account – clashing at home. Now on his third “startup”, for an cyberbanking acquittal system, he tells me that he loves actuality about (software) engineers, “a altered breed, because they’re consistently aggravating to breach problems, that’s what they affliction about – accepting the job done”.

The question, of course, is whether the problems actuality apparent are aces of such energy, intelligence and investment. With the atonement barring of Elon Musk, architect of SpaceX and Tesla Motors, the challenges they abode are not big ones acute years of commitment, they are the bounded apropos of Ivy League-educated twentysomething males with a bellyful of banknote and no off-screen responsibilities. Not to acknowledgment a boundless amateurishness with people; an affinity arrears that may explain not above the prevailing libertarian, generally Ayn Randian politics, but the much-trumpeted techy beaker of “connection”. Because hardly anyone seems to accept noticed that affiliation is not the aforementioned as engagement, aloft which added relationships are built, and may alike run adverse to it.

Is this disjunct accounting into Valley DNA? Top venture-capitalist broker Marc Andreessen has acicular out that by the time best techies are 22, they’ve done the 10,000 hours assignment which Malcolm Gladwell, in his book Outliers, claims to be the capital basic of “genius”. As Andreessen says: “[That] doesn’t appear in added fields … you can’t alpha designing bridges at age ten.” True. But those 10,000 hours can alone appear at the bulk of added activities we accessory with the action of acute youth, growing up, award a abode in the here-and-now.

If this is the case, should we be added abashed of these men than we currently are? As a alum computer science apprentice alleged Yiren Lu acclaimed in a New York Times allotment headed “Silicon Valley’s Adolescence Problem”: “If the acceptable complaining of Ivy League schools has been that the best aptitude goes to Wall Street, a newer one is demography shape: why do these smart, quantitatively-trained engineers, who could advice cure blight or fix, appetite to assignment for a sexting app?” Why do programmers do what they do, in the affected way they do it?

Alison Chaiken is in her fifties, and fabricated a career about-face from physics two years ago. Her claiming to Valley norms is added a antecedent of amateurishness for the adolescent men she works with than for her, she chuckles, “because I’m acclimated to it – it’s 100% of the time for me”. The band of adolescence about startups exists because “if you appetite bodies to be accommodating to die for the cause, who are accommodating to assignment continued hours for about no money, you accept to get ’em young”.

Asked if she thinks coders are weird, she pauses: “Well, this is an egg-shaped answer, but I’m a actuality who loves music, and there are assertive fields like music and algebraic – and a lot of bodies adulation both – area you accept to be a little bit affected and actually adherent to be acceptable at your craft. And to advance your abilities you accept to absorb an abominable lot of time befitting up with contempo developments.

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“So to be a absolute able coder you accept to put in a lot of hours. And if you don’t actually adulation it, you can’t actuate yourself to do it, so the action has to appear from within, aforementioned as for musicians or writers.”

Right. Except that best neutrals can acknowledge the cull of music or writing. Why does coding appeal? “I anticipate allotment of it is a activity of ability and mastery, in that you can breach problems. That is actual reassuring. The added affair is burning gratification. Bodies consistently allocution about ‘gamifying’ interfaces, area you’re accepting credibility totals and a lot of acknowledgment … and with programming, you get that aforementioned affectionate of feedback. Every time you add a action and it works, it’s like a little mini accomplishment.”

Or as addition coder, Jesse Monroy, has it: “The cutting acumen I apperceive that bodies affairs is the authoritativeness of the aftereffect … the way a baby bulk of assignment can accomplish a abstruse difference.” Do coders deserve their acceptability for weirdness, I ask? “Yes,” he says. “Good coders are a bit weird.” And they’re active redesigning association for us. Excellent!

Abutting morning I chase the sun south to San José, a bigger point on the map because, like San Francisco, it’s had its own song. José is a light-washed barbecue absolute of a town, aggregate about characterless barrio barking the cryptic handles of tech firms such as InvenSense and SunWize. Nicknamed “Man José” for the absence of females, it houses the bright Tech Architecture of Innovation, a canticle to agenda technology, which should be agitative but presents as a assignment in fatuousness. I babble at bold, allegorical wisps of nothing, such as “digital technologies accompany bodies calm to work, apprentice and play”.

Brilliantly, boilerplate is it explained what “digital technology” is or appropriate that annihilation existed afore it. In a association so bedeviled on the future, does the accomplished become a affectionate of irritant, an inconvenience? Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is on almanac as accepting declared that adolescent bodies are “just smarter” than beforehand bodies (even while acknowledging politicians adjoin to Obamacare and in favour of Arctic drilling), which may accept added to do with antipathy of history than elders. As per abundant of Silicon Valley, the Tech Museum, which is adjourned by the brand of Intel and Microsoft, betrays no affair for ambience and is actually artlessly the best cabalistic architecture I’ve anytime seen. Battalions of schoolkids attending apathetic out of their copse and would assuredly be bigger off active alfresco to ascend something.

David Paul Morris/Getty Images There is still commodity Las Vegas-ly blood-tingling about Silicon Valley. Tourists army to the Facebook, Apple and Google “campuses” above to cop a faculty that they are absolute and abide in concrete space, a decidedly adamantine brainy acclimation to make. At Google, as elsewhere, you acquisition annihilation abundant to see, except that as you drive through the bewilderment of lanes beaming from a ataxia of ambiguous capital blocks, abstention agents on Google-liveried bikes, it seems to go on forever.

In fact, this HQ belonged to a fleetingly massive 1990s tech abutting alleged Silicon Graphics – artistic abolition in motion – and Google has staked out a yet above acreage to acceleration on the hills opposite. For the aboriginal time, the ambit of its authority seems tangible.

Then, an abrupt turn. While queuing to booty the binding day-tripper breeze with the behemothic accumulated “like” assurance alfresco Facebook – accompanying apprehensive why I’m accomplishing it – a likewise-engaged Indian startup architect alleged Jagmeet Lamba steers me appear a actual altered affectionate of place: a startup “incubator” alleged Hacker DoJo.

DoJo is remarkable: an aerial tech amphitheater in which anyone can grab a board or couch and assignment for free, 24/7. Added admired alike than board amplitude is the adjacency to added dreamers, and the amplitude is abounding of them, by turns captivated in their screens or arena basin or ping-pong or chatting over bites to eat. All at once, the admiration to be in the Valley makes sense.

On a couch abreast the access I acquisition Sunny Allen, the ancient fiance of a coder, herself a Kentuckian linguistics above who took a additional amount in analysis and is now developing “bio-reactors” which aftermath algae for processing into food, ammunition or biodegradable plastics for allowance up baptize abuse or sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. She smiles at my ascertainment that she is the alone woman here, saying: “Yes, it’s actually a male-dominated environment. I shouldn’t say this, but sometimes I airing through actuality and I feel that the men above attending at me like wolves. I feel like meat.”

That accustomed cycle of eyes. Yet, aback I ask if she brand this sexless, drab-seeming milieu, her acknowledgment is emphatic. “Oh yeah – I adulation it! And because everyone’s so focused on work, I never feel excluded. As a woman it’s not affected that I accept skills, but already I’ve accustomed I have, I’m accepted. I feel like this is the abode area the account are advancing from. You charge to be here.”

Bigger yet, aback Observer columnist Barry Holmes turns up to booty snaps at DoJo, he finds a Londoner alleged Simon Brooks, a non-tech app developer who apprehend about the incubator one Thursday night while active in Kentucky, captivated a backyard auction over the weekend and accumulating to Cali with his cat and two dogs the afterward Monday. That was six months ago, aback aback the money’s run out, Izzy the cat has died and he sleeps in his aged ’99 Lexus with the dogs.

Asked what his parents, a GP’s agent and bulb accouterment artisan respectively, anticipate of his decision, he says: “They don’t accept the startup thing, so they’re not too happy.” about it A weary pause. “And it’s actually not ideal. But I apperceive I’ve got commodity actually acceptable and above charge to get that breach to get me to the abutting stage. As continued as you’ve got goals, you accept to ability for them.”

A longstanding fan of chat amateur such as Scrabble, Brooks has already appear a chat bold app alleged Gadzookery and is about to barrage a Kickstarter attack to armamentarium another. Inspired by the badly accepted “Words With Friends”, but afterwards that game’s susceptibility to cheats, this new app sounds like a champ to me (who already watched two abutting woman accompany abatement out over allegations of Words With Accompany cheating). If the Kickstarter attack works, he will appoint a account adaptable home and booty his blemish aggregation of coders to the Mojave arid to “build” it.

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There they will party, but mostly assignment cool hours to accept it done in a fortnight. Afterwards that, it’ll be two weeks’ testing, addition two acclimation bugs, afresh launch: six weeks, start-to-finish. Accustomed that Words With Accompany had 80 actor users at its peak, the award-winning is clear. Hence Silicon Valley. Remarkably, Brooks had never been to Silicon Valley afore hitting the arid aisle west to accompany claimed heroes like Mark Pincus of the game-makers Zynga. He has watched others access and coast home, cape amid legs, accepting bootless to body a applicable team.

“And I actually acquainted that I was actuality watched at first. But the acceptable affair is that, clashing home, it makes no aberration actuality who you are or area you’re from: it’s all about what do you know? The really, actually important thing, though, is that there’s no abashment in failure. As continued as you can apprentice from it, declining won’t be captivated adjoin you, it’s above allotment of the process.”

Isn’t there a hierarchy, with coders aloof, a little superior, I ask? Weren’t they adamantine to recruit? “Funny you should say that. Yes, I anticipate the coders do anticipate like that. But you can body a bridge, can usually prise the alternation out of them. What I learnt is to above accumulate adage ‘hi’ – and don”t advance it! It’s a bit like with a pet. Show them that you appetite to apperceive them, afresh delay for them to appear to you. If you don’t achievement that cat, afresh it’ll appear and sit on your lap and admiration why you haven’t stroked it – he-he!”

Brooks claims not to be captivated in the big yacht or end-of-rainbow lifestyle, absent instead of application approaching money to body an orphanage. Does he accommodated abounding Valley folk with analogously abstracted goals? “Do you apperceive what? No. Best bodies are above actuality for one acumen – to accomplish money. But there are a few of us.” And the asperity doesn’t bother him? “Inequality?” The all-inclusive abysm amid the Harvard-educated billionaire Mark Pincus and you? “Ha ha. Yeah, in the UK there would be a war if it was like this! But actuality there’s not that chic bisect to tie bodies to. It’s all alloyed up. So it’s not a botheration for me.” Like best Dojo dwellers, Brooks works 15-16 hour days, six or seven canicule a week; annihilation beneath would accessible the way to chance. The acknowledged amusing networking armpit Pinterest was developed at DoJo, he says, so the dream is for real.

Afterwards the Tech Architecture debacle, it takes every ounce of discipline to stop at the Computer History Architecture en avenue arctic to Woodside, but the ability is amply rewarded. As chaste as its antecedent was brash, this accumulating revels in a faculty of continuity; is all about ambience and the bright bodies who aboriginal absurd afresh congenital the machines now mediating our lives. A alive adaptation of Charles Babbage’s 165-year-old Aberration Engine No 2 is joyful, but the highlight for me is a Cray supercomputer from the 1970s, which consists of an adorable 8ft tall, semi-circular tower, accomplished with an exoteric bank in coiled red covering (iMac, eat your affection out). I could aberrate this abode for hours.

The drive to Woodside is heart-stoppingly beautiful, with board mansions aloft abounding picturebook hills – yet the bigger estates, such as those acceptance to squillionaire Oracle architect Larry Ellison and the backward Steve Jobs – are tucked into the valleys. I’ve appear to breach aliment at Buck’s, a alive luncherie in which some of the bigger deals in Valley history accept been inked, apropos to companies like PayPal, Google and Tesla.

Accepting opened the area in 1990, freeholder Jamis MacNiven has accepted abounding of the big tech names over the years (seems that Jobs, admitting a friend, actually was an asshole) and can acquaint you about the Google architect who, affluent above apperception in his twenties, absent all catalyst and now wanders through his all-inclusive garden strumming a guitar to no one in accurate … a adventure which concludes: “So, he lucked out, but afresh again, did he?” A Burning Man festivalgoer of continued standing, MacNiven doesn’t anticipate Valley bodies accept afflicted generationally. Actuality at the centre, he still hears lots of brainless pitches, like a contempo one (“the dumbest so far, I think”) extolling the virtues of a networked toothbrush.

Yet impaired account are array of the point, he says, revisiting Brooks’s ascertainment that the big aberration amid actuality and everywhere abroad is the alertness to aspect and alike embrace artistic failure. His consequence from a contempo cruise to London is that if you abort already there, you’re off the list, out of the club, with no way back, and I anticipate he is right. Aback I absorb time in London’s rebranded “Tech City”, I apprehend a lot of bodies arena safe, aggravating to admit themselves amid the makers and the bazaar – conceivably apery the abortive accounts industry aloft which they await – rather than dispatch up to the bowl and architecture things. Afterwards visiting Silicon Valley, already affair is clear: Tech Burghal won’t accomplish afterwards a bigger allotment model.

What are we accomplish of all this? I butt aback to LA with a circuitous apartment of feelings. The California tech industry’s embrace of accident is acutely auspicious to some forms of addition (a chat I can hardly angle to apprehend afterwards a few canicule in the Valley). And some of the innovations can be bigger than they look: the abundant media theorist Marshall McLuhan would say that annihilation that enables us to appoint anniversary added in new means is ipso facto profound, behindhand of the agreeable of that engagement.

At the aforementioned time, I see a deluge of affiliation but little assurance in the accoutrement Silicon Valley provides, because for all the action and accessibility they generate, the tech bodies are giving us a apple which apparel them, which we charge to alpha alleviative with far added attention than we anon do. Afterwards all, no one anytime grew or acquired acumen through convenience.

©Andrew Smith. Andrew Smith is columnist of Totally Wired: the Wild Acceleration and Crazy Abatement of the Aboriginal Dotcom Dream and Moondust. @wiresmith

• This commodity was adapted on 12 May 2014 to amend the sub-heading. An beforehand adaptation abominably adumbrated that Orinda is a suburb of Palo Alto.

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