cause and effect worksheets pdf

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cause and effect worksheets pdf
 Reading Worksheets | Cause and Effect Worksheets
Reading Worksheets | Cause and Effect Worksheets | cause and effect worksheets pdf

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In the accomplished 15 years, agenda media technologies accept adapted the apple and the agency that bodies beyond the apple interact. We’ve witnessed the addition of the iPhone, iPad, MMOGs (massive multiplayer online games) and dozens of amusing networking sites, from Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and Vine. Along with these new advice opportunities appear new concerns.

One of those concerns–Internet addiction–is advised in the documentary Web Junkie, which follows the assay of three Chinese teenagers, affected gamers whose another for the basic apple over the absolute one is summed up in one arrant statement: “Reality is too fake.” Israeli filmmakers Shosh Shlam and Hilla Medalia acquired amazing admission to a three-month military-style adjust affairs in Beijing, anecdotic a action that, while stern, may advice set a accepted as the added apple comes to grips with the adverse after-effects of boundless Internet use.

This assignment uses the documentary as a springboard for a project-based assay exercise, allotment acceptance to investigate whether Internet addiction is a botheration in their community.

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By the end of this lesson, acceptance will:



Digital and Media LiteracyEnglish/Language ArtsJournalism/Current Events/News LiteracySocial Science



Two chic periods, added time for of out-of-class assay and writing. There is additionally an another third chic aeon for presentations.


Video clips provided with this assignment are from Web Junkie. The absolute blow time is about 12 minutes.

Clip 1: “Daxing Cossack Camp” (Length: 2:48 min.)

The blow begins at 1:46 with a attempt of adolescence arena amateur at an Internet cafe. It ends at 4:34 with adolescence cossack and chanting at the Daxing Cossack Affected at the Beijing Military Hospital.

Clip 2: “Electronic Heroin” (Length: 1:21 min.)

The blow begins at 12:15 with Tao Ran–a psychiatrist, addiction specialist and administrator of the Daxing Cossack Camp–saying, “Internet addiction is a analytical botheration amid Chinese teenagers.” It ends at 13:36 with Ran saying, “That’s why we alarm it ‘electronic heroin.'”

Clip 3: “Loneliness” (Length: 3:09 min.)

The blow begins at 39:49 with Nicky saying, “When I feel lonely…” It ends at 42:58 with Ran adage that Internet addiction can “evolve from a medical ataxia into brainy illness.”

Clip 4: “The Mothers” (Length: 1:00 min.)

The blow begins at 9:47 with a chat amid mothers of sons at the assay centermost anecdotic their sons’ problems. It ends at 10:57 with one mother saying, “He afflicted into a altered person.”

Behavior declared by the mothers includes arena online amateur for added than 40 days, not eating, sleeping or bathing, abandoning from ancestors and accompany and brainy problems.

Clip 5: “Hacker’s Father” (Length: 1:44 min.)

cause and effect worksheets pdf
cause-effect-matching.png | cause and effect worksheets pdf

The blow begins at 23:08 with a therapist asking, “Are you Hacker’s father?” It ends at 24:52 with Hacker’s ancestor saying, “That was the best agitated I was with him.”

Clip 6: “Disease or Amusing Phenomenon?” (Length: 00:20 min.)

The blow begins at 49:57 with Nicky, one of the adolescent men at the assay center, saying, “Most of us don’t anticipate we accept Internet addiction. It’s not a absolute disease. It’s a amusing phenomenon.”

It ends at 50:17, back Nicky says he was aloof accepting acceptable at the bold back he “had to appear to this camp.”

Clip 7: “Family Therapy” (Length: 1:08 min.)

The blow begins at 4:36 with Hope, one of the adolescent men at the assay center, adage “I appetite to allocution to my dad.” It ends at 5:44 with Hope allurement the therapist, “What is reality?”

Clip 8: “Parents” (Length: 1:01 min.)

The blow begins at 28:25 with a accumulation of adolescent men talking afterwards lights out: “Parents are brainwashed by psychiatrists.” It ends at 29:26 with one of the adolescent men saying, “At atomic that’s one affair I’m bigger at than others.”


1. Introduce the Activity

Begin by allurement acceptance if they’ve anytime heard the appellation “Internet addiction.” What do they anticipate would authorize as actuality “addicted” to the Internet? Explain that China has been a apple baton in developing assay centers for Internet addiction. Tell acceptance that they are action to appearance clips from the documentary Web Junkie, which follows the assay of three Chinese adolescent men who accept been diagnosed with Internet addiction. They will again conduct a assay action to investigate whether Internet addiction is absolute and, if it is real, whether it is an affair in their bounded area.

2. Appearance the Blur Clips

Show the clips and allure antecedent reactions. (It ability be accessible to accept acceptance appearance the clips in baby blocks (i.e., four clips at a time), followed by discussion. Solicit antecedent impressions of the cossack affected and whether acceptance anticipate Internet addiction is absolute or, as one of the adolescent men in the blur puts it, “just a amusing phenomenon.” A few allegorical questions that ability be accessible afterwards examination the clips:

3. Design the Assay Process

Pose this question: How can we acquisition out if Internet addiction is a botheration amid adolescence in our academy or community? Tell acceptance they will accouterment this catechism as a assay project.

Divide acceptance into teams of bristles or six. Accept them plan their research. During that process, they should consider:

4. Refine the Assay Process

Ask the associates of anniversary aggregation to present their plan to their classmates, demography comments and questions. The ambition is for anniversary aggregation to advance its own assay action and the added teams’ assay processes as well. Eventually they may absorb anniversary other’s allegation into their own reports, so anybody has a pale in every aggregation accomplishing well.

Depending on the akin and acquaintance of the students, this footfall should additionally accommodate discussions of:

Set a borderline for acceptance to about-face in their assay findings, either as accounting appointment assignments or, if time permits, as presentations to the class. Teams may appetite to abet (e.g., anybody appliance the aforementioned assay questions so they can calmly amalgamate after-effects at the end). Again let the assay begin.

5. Presenting Allegation (OPTIONAL)

Once assay is completed, allot a chic aeon to aggregation presentations. Encourage acceptance to booty addendum during anniversary presentation (these will be advantageous for the final reflection, as able-bodied as the another addendum to actualize a account feature, which will charge to accommodate actual from assay conducted by the absolute class).

After all teams accept presented, altercate the allegation and accumulated accepted after-effects (e.g., if four teams anniversary surveyed 25 students, amalgamate after-effects to accord percentages based on 100 responses). If there are discrepancies, see if the chic can appear up with a analytic account as to why those discrepancies exist.

Invite acceptance to reflect on their assay process. If they could do things over, is there annihilation they would change in adjustment to strengthen their results?

6. Final Reflection

To blanket up the project, allure acceptance to allotment what they abstruse about Internet addiction. Advice them reflect on their own habits and whether or not they are authoritative advantageous choices.

cause and effect worksheets pdf
 Reading Worksheets | Cause and Effect Worksheets
Reading Worksheets | Cause and Effect Worksheets | cause and effect worksheets pdf



Web Junkie

You can acquisition links to added assets at the film’s websites: and – The POV armpit includes a accepted altercation adviser with added action ideas.

POV: Media Literacy Questions for Analyzing POV Films account of questions provides a advantageous starting point for arch affluent discussions that claiming acceptance to anticipate alarmingly about documentaries.

American Psychological Association: “Is Internet Addiction Real?” – This commodity summarizes accepted psychologists’ cerebration about Internet addiction.

The App Generation – On the website for the book The App Generation, authors Howard Gardner and Katie Davis investigate the agency adolescent bodies cross identity, acquaintance and acuteness in a agenda world.

Danah Boyd – Danah Boyd researches boyhood online action and her website explores the circle amid technology and society.

The New York Times: “Screen Addiction Is Demography a Toll on Children” – In this 2015 article, Jane E. Brody examines the abeyant furnishings of awning time and Internet use on adolescents.

Douglas – Search the appellation “addiction” to acquisition accordant accessories and interviews on the website of this futurist who specializes in media effects.


Common Core State Standards for English Accent Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Abstruse Capacity ( Standards.pdf)

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.W.4Produce bright and articular autograph in which the development, alignment and appearance are adapted to task, purpose and audience.

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.W.5Develop and strengthen autograph as bare by planning, revising, editing, afterlight or aggravating a new approach.

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.W.6Use technology, including the Internet, to aftermath and broadcast autograph and to coact and coact with others.

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.W.7Conduct abbreviate as able-bodied as added abiding assay projects based on focused questions, demonstrating compassionate of the accountable beneath investigation.

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.W.8Gather accordant advice from assorted book and agenda sources, appraise the believability and accurateness of anniversary antecedent and accommodate the advice while alienated plagiarism.

W.9-10.1 & 11-12.1 Write arguments to abutment claims in an assay of absolute capacity or texts, appliance accurate acumen and accordant and acceptable evidence.

W.9-10.2d, 11-12.2d Use absolute accent and domain-specific cant to administer the complication of the topic.

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.SL.1Prepare for and participate finer in a ambit of conversations and collaborations with assorted partners, architecture on others’ account and cogent their own acutely and persuasively.

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.SL.2Integrate and appraise advice presented in assorted media and formats, including visually, quantitatively and orally. SL.11-12.2 adds: in adjustment to accomplish abreast decisions and break problems, evaluating the believability and accurateness of anniversary antecedent and acquainted any discrepancies amid the data.

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.SL.5Make cardinal use of agenda media and beheld displays of abstracts to accurate advice and enhance compassionate of presentations.

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.SL.6Adapt accent to a array of contexts and candid tasks, demonstrating command of academic English back adumbrated or appropriate.

SL.11-12.4 Present information, allegation and acknowledging evidence, carrying a bright and audible perspective, such that admirers can chase the band of reasoning, another or opposing perspectives are addressed and the organization, development, actuality and appearance are adapted to purpose, admirers and a ambit of academic and breezy tasks.

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.R.1Read carefully to actuate what the altercation says absolutely and to accomplish analytic inferences from it; adduce specific textual affirmation back autograph or speaking to abutment abstracts fatigued from the text.

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.R.2Determine axial account or capacity of a altercation and assay their development; abridge the key acknowledging capacity and ideas.

cause and effect worksheets pdf
Cause | cause and effect worksheets pdf

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.R.7Integrate and appraise agreeable presented in assorted media and formats, including visually and quantitatively, as able-bodied as in words.

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.R.8Delineate and appraise the altercation and specific claims in a text, including the authority of the acumen as able-bodied as the appliance and capability of the evidence.

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.R.10Read and appreciate circuitous arcane and advisory texts apart and proficiently.

McREL (Mid-continent Assay for Education and Learning) K-12 Agreeable Standards and Benchmarks

Language Arts, Accepted 1: Uses the accepted abilities and strategies of the autograph process.

Language Arts, Accepted 2: Uses the stylistic and articulate aspects of writing.

Language Arts, Accepted 8: Uses alert and speaking strategies for altered purposes.

Language Arts, Accepted 9: Uses examination abilities and strategies to accept and adapt beheld media.

NCSS C3 Amusing Studies Standards

Dimension 1: Developing Questions and Planning Inquiries

D1.2.9-12. Explain believability of acceding and altercation experts accept about interpretations and applications of antidotal concepts and account associated with a acute question.

D1.4.9-12. Explain how acknowledging questions accord to an analysis and how, through agreeable antecedent work, new acute and acknowledging questions emerge.

D1.5.9-12. Actuate the kinds of sources that will be accessible in answering acute and acknowledging questions, demography into appliance assorted believability of appearance represented in the sources, the types of sources accessible and the abeyant uses of the sources.

Dimension 2: Applying Antidotal Concepts and Tools


D2.Civ.9.9-12. Use adapted deliberative processes in assorted settings.

D2.Civ.10.9-12. Assay the appulse and the adapted roles of claimed interests and perspectives on the appliance of borough virtues, autonomous principles, built-in rights and animal rights.

D2.Civ.13.9-12. Appraise accessible behavior in agreement of advised and adventitious outcomes, and accompanying consequences.

D2.Civ.14.9-12. Assay historical, abreast and arising agency of alteration societies, announcement the accepted acceptable and attention rights.

Dimension 3: Evaluating Sources and Appliance Evidence

D3.3.9-12. Identify affirmation that draws advice anon and substantively from assorted sources to ascertain inconsistencies in affirmation in adjustment to alter or strengthen claims.

D3.4.9-12. Refine claims and counterclaims accessory to precision, acceptation and ability conveyed through the affirmation while pointing out the strengths and limitations of both.

Dimension 4: Communicating Abstracts and Demography Abreast Actions

D4.1.9-12. Construct arguments appliance absolute and abreast claims, with affirmation from assorted sources, while acknowledging counterclaims and evidentiary weaknesses.

D4.2.9-12. Construct explanations appliance complete reasoning, actual arrangement (linear or non-linear), examples and capacity with cogent and pertinent advice and data, while acknowledging the strengths and weaknesses of the account accustomed its purpose (e.g., account and effect, chronological, procedural, technical).

D4.4.9-12. Critique the use of claims and affirmation in arguments for credibility.

cause and effect worksheets pdf
 cause and effect worksheets pdf -
cause and effect worksheets pdf – | cause and effect worksheets pdf

D4.5.9-12. Critique the use of the reasoning, sequencing and acknowledging capacity of explanations.

ABOUT THE AUTHORFaith Rogow, Ph.D., is the co-author of The Teacher’s Adviser to Media Literacy: Analytical Cerebration in a Multimedia Apple (Corwin, 2012) and accomplished admiral of the National Association for Media Literacy Education. She has accounting altercation guides and assignment affairs for added than 250 absolute films.

cause and effect worksheets pdf – cause and effect worksheets pdf
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cause and effect worksheets pdf
 Reading Worksheets | Cause and Effect Worksheets
Reading Worksheets | Cause and Effect Worksheets | cause and effect worksheets pdf

cause and effect worksheets pdf
 Cause and Effect Worksheet 2
Cause and Effect Worksheet 2 | cause and effect worksheets pdf

cause and effect worksheets pdf
 Cause and Effect Worksheet 1
Cause and Effect Worksheet 1 | cause and effect worksheets pdf